Analisis Kebijakan Pembangunan Ekonomi Sektoral Sebelum dan Sesudah Pemekaran Provinsi Maluku: Input-Output Tahun 1991 dan 2007

by jurnalpeluang

Vera Paulin Kay

Dosen Politeknik Negeri Ambon

Abstract; This article has a purpose to evaluate development to the key sector based intersectoral linkage and change of regional economic structure in the Mollucan Province. Input-Output Analysis are used to identify the key sector with forward linkage and backward linkage, besides the biproportional projection method to analysis the change of regional economic structure. This analysis found the other industry sector, hotel and restaurant sector, and services sector are significant toward change of regional economic structure besides prospective projection.

Keywords; input-output analysis, biproportional, forward linkage, backward linkage.