Corporate Social Responsibility: Cara Baru Dalam Berbisnis

by jurnalpeluang

Roy Alan Wattimena

Dosen Politeknik Negeri Ambon

Abstrak; This article represent a review explaining a environmental change of strong business its influence to use organization, which all changes in will bring the impact which significant for company. Environmental change of business will bring the change impact at business strategy. This change progressively instructs the company to clarify the company direction. Change which is in the form program of community development related to company responsibility by commitment is corporate world for the contribution of to quality development lives the society. Corporate Social responsibility viewed as by compulsion to develop build the trustworthy and good image for company. Executing practices which deranging reply environmentally and social will improve the stockholder value, affecting at make-up of finance achievement and also guarantee the going concern success.

Keywords: Corporate social responsibility, New way of Doing Business