Faktor Kualitas Layanan Serta Pengaruhnya Terhadap Kepuasan dan Loyalitas Nasabah Perbankan di Ambon

by jurnalpeluang

Debby Likumahua

Dosen Fakultas Ekonomi

Universitas Kristen Indonesia Maluku

Abstract; The purpose of this study is to assess the factors considered by the customer in perceiving the quality of bank services in Ambon as well as examine the influence of service quality on customer satisfaction and loyalty test the effect of bank customers’ satisfaction in Ambon. Analysis tools used in this study is the first factor analysis. Analysis of the factors used to assess the quality factors of bank services. The second is the linear regression used to test whether the effect on service quality and satisfaction whether satisfaction influences customer loyalty in Ambon. This research was carried out in Ambon in five major banks namely Bank Mandiri, Bank Rakyat Indonesia, Bank Negara Indonesia, Bank Central Asia and Bank CIMB Niaga. The sample used ini this research are 147 respondent.The result found that there are four factors considered by the customers in Ambon in perceiving the quality of service. Four factors are the realibility,assurance, tangibles, and emphaty. Furthermore, simultaneous service quality influence customer satisfaction in Ambon and customer satisfaction is partially a banking customer loyalty in Ambon.

Keywords: service quality, satisfaction, loyalty customers