Hubungan Antara Customer Value, Trust in Brand, Customer Satisfaction, dan Customer Loyalty

by jurnalpeluang

Jupiter Dakael

Dosen Fakultas Ekonomi

Universitas Pattimura

Abstract; In simple terms, customer value is defined as all the benefits obtained by consumers or quality relative to cost. When formulated in mathematical terms, customer value is the total benefit or bibagi quality at a price. Furthermore, this formula can be developed because of two aspects: price and quality, both aspects are multidimensional. From the value delivered to consumers, directly or indirectly, they can assess the performance of these products. If the expected value equal to the performance of the product then the consumer will be satisfied (customer satisfaction) and trust the brand (trust in the brand). This also affects customer loyalty (customer loyalty), where consumers have a positive attitude towards a brand, a commitment to the brand, and intends to continue its purchase in the future. These four things are interrelated to one another. This should be seen by marketers to be aware of the needs and desires of consumers. So that the product or brand that is thrown into the market can be successful.

Keywords; customer value, trust in brand, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty