Penerapan Model Perilaku Horward Pada Keputusan Membeli Polis Asuransi Beasiswa di Kabupaten Fakfak

by jurnalpeluang

Marthen A. Pentury

Dosen STIA Asy-Syafi’iyah Fakfak

Abstract: This research intends to predict factors that drive consumer to buying insurance policy, based on consumer behavior model by Howard. In main variable used is buying decision. In addition, this study also include information, brand image, confidence and atitude as the control variables. The analysis unit are policy insured in Fakfak Regency. The data collection by using questionaire. Research finding about; first, information unsignificant to influence confidence and atitude, but statistically significant to influence brand image. Second, brand image are statistically significant to influence confidence and atitude. Third, confidence and atitude are statistically significant to influence buying decision.