Pengaruh Kepercayaan Merek, Kepuasan Konsumen, Komitmen Pelanggan Terhadap Ekuitas Merek dan Citra Merek

by jurnalpeluang

Arthur Sitaniapessy

Dosen Politeknik Negeri Ambon

Abstract; The main purpose of this study is to examine the effect of trust in brand, customer satisfaction, commitment toward brand equity and brand image on the hotels in Ambon. The respondents in this study are people who ever used the services on the hotels in Ambon. Sampling technique used is purposive sampling. There are only 470 respondents among 550 questioners whom can be used as samples. Validity and reliability testing were conducted in order to figure out the validity rate and data reliability. The data were analyzed by using Multiple Regression Analysis.The results provide support for eleven of the twelve hypothesized.

Keywords; trust in brand, customer satisfaction, commitment, brand equity, brand image.