Pengaruh Pergerakan Kurs Dollar Dan Suku Bunga SBI Terhadap IHSG

by jurnalpeluang

Mozes Tomasila

Dosen Fakultas Ekonomi

Univesitas Kristen Indonesia Maluku

Abstract; Research to see the movement influence kurs of dollar and (SBI) to (IHSG). Using variable in this research entangle 3 ( tiga) variable consisted by one dependent variable and two independent variable. Independent variable is (IHSG), while variable dependent variable is kurs of dollar and (SBI).Result of statistic examination to be obtained variable kurs of dollar and SBI by together have an effect on the signifikan to IHSG, where value F-Hitung is 57,251, with the storey level probabilitas ( nilai-p) equal to 0,000. At storey level signifikan 5% because nilai-p < 0,05 hence Ha accepted. Its meaning formed models signifikan. Result of t test t where value t-statistic for first independent variable ( Mid Rate US$) equal to 3,777 whereabout assess this still the above value t of tables of equal to 1,6641, That way also with the value t-statistic for second independent variable ( SBI 1 Month) equal to 7,916 and absolute value of t-statistic for the intercept of equal to 1,738 which still the above value t of tables of inferential so that that second independent variable have to positive influance to IHSG.

Keywords : kurs dollar, suku bunga SBI, IHSG