Penyediaan Infrastruktur Daerah Dalam Pengembangan Ekonomi Regional di Kabupaten Fakfak Propinsi Papua Barat

by jurnalpeluang

Jemmy J. T. de Fretes

Dosen STIA Asy-Syafi’iyah Fakfak

Abstract; The purpose of this research was to recognize the extent of the multiplier effect of the local infrastructure provision; to find the most triggering infrastructure types and to identify the dominant factors in providing local infrastructure to the local economy development of the Fakfak Regency. The employed data were the primary ones collected from interviews and the secondary ones originating from the combination of the time series and cross section (pooled time series data) of 2007-2009 of twelve districts of the Fakfak Regency. The data analysis took up the economy-statistic-econometrical one, including the multiple linear regression analysis with Ordinary Least Square (OLS) approach. The results illustrated that there were significant effects of the selected variables of the local economy development of the Fakfak Regency. The statistical analysis showed that the t-test and F-test were significant on the striking level of α=5%. The results explained that the trade, transport, education, health, settlement and housing variables as well as numbers of populations affected the local economy development. The R2 determination coefficient test showed that 85.84% of the changing variation of the dependent variables was accounted for that of the independent variables.

Keywords; infrastructure, provision, regional economy.