Strategi Perluasan Merek dan Loyalitas Konsumen

by jurnalpeluang

Stenly Salenussa

Dosen Fakultas Ekonomi

Universitas Kristen Indonesia Maluku

Abstract; The phenomenonofbrand extensionhasbecomesomethingthat is notforeign to usconsumers. Wehave seenvarious brands ofthis strategytomarket its products. ExamplesAdidasbrandwhichwe know as theoriginalbrandsportshoes, nowhas expanded itsuse ofits brandonapparel productsand evenperfumes. Gillettebrandwhich was originally onlyused onproductsnow used inproductsrazorshavers andafter-shave lotion. Sony brandthat was originallyusedon the producttaperecorderand thenexpand the use ofits brandto avarietyof productssuch astelevisions, radios, VCD, DVD and evenlaptops andmobile phonesaredifferentfrom theparentbrand. ThenHonda, the brand isnot justknown for itscarproducts, butalsoproduct motorcycles,snow blower, lawn mowers, boat enginesandsnowmobiles. This strategynotonly done bylarge-scalemultinationalbrands, butalsoby theABCbrandnationalbrand thatweoriginallyknow asketchupbrandhas expanded itsuse ofits brandtoother productssuch assyrup, instant noodles andtomatosauceandchili sauce. SimilarlywithPepsodentbrandwhich was originally onlyusedas abrand oftoothpaste,is now extendedto thecleaning liquidoralproductsandsweets. Brand extensionis indeedone of the strategiesformaintaining the brand(Kotler, 2000). Butifthe strategy iseffectivetomaintaincustomer loyalty?. This paper attemptstolook into the matter. The goalin order toobtaina morecomprehensiveinsighton this subjectas well asuseful forthose interesteduse.

Keywords: Brand Extension, Costomer Loyalty